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How Do I Turn on SMS Notifications On My Account?

Remember back when getting an email used to feel special? Did you know the average person receives as many as 121 emails per day! Just think about the state of your inbox and how often you are receiving emails! That’s why we have introduced SMS notifications to We wanted to make sure our users are kept up to date with the latest information from the platform without further crowding your inbox. Our SMS notifications will provide you with quick little blurbs to your mobile device.



The following guide will provide you with a step by step walk-through on how to activate this optional feature for your account. If you do not already have an account with Aucto you can follow our walk-through guide on how to create a free account here

Step #1 – Navigate to Your Dashboard

The first step to activate SMS notifications on your account is to navigate to your account dashboard. This can be done from any page on the website if you are currently logged into your account. Simply mouse over to the My Account button in the top right corner and from the drop-down list click on the Dashboard option. This should be the first option in the drop-down list.

Aucto Dashboard

Step #2 – Notification Settings

The next step is to navigate to and click the notification settings button. The notifications settings button is in the bottom right hand corner underneath the heading Security and Notifications. Clicking this option will open the notification settings.

Notification Settings

Step #3 - Turn On Auction SMS Notifications

After navigating to the notification settings page, you will see an on off switch next to the term Auction SMS Notification. If this setting is turned off, please turn this setting on. If the setting is turned on, please verify the phone number listed below is correct.

SMS Notification-1

Step #4 – Verifying Phone Number

After adding your phone number and clicking verify you will see the below screen. The phone number you had entered in the previous step will receive a SMS message with a 6-digit code. Enter the code into the bar and click verify. If you do not receive the verification code you can request a new code after 60 seconds, before requesting the new verification code please verify that the phone number is correct.

SMS Verify Phone Number


Step #5 – Confirmation

The final step in the verification process after completing the previous steps is to click the blue submit button in the bottom right corner. After clicking the blue submit button you will see the switch next to Two-Factor Authentication turned on with your phone you had entered.


You will now have two-factor authentication enable on your account. After activating this feature upon logging in you will receive a SMS verification message to the entered phone number with a verification code. If you have any issues or further questions regarding two-factor authentication please contact our support team right away by emailing, or calling (844) 326-7310.

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