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How to setup a liquidation 

Aucto’s liquidation setup wizard makes it very easy to setup a liquidation. To setup a liquidation, follow these steps:

  1. From the Aucto homepage go to seller tools, click on manage liquidations. On the left you will find all of your seller tools

  2. Click on add new, and this will begin the setup wizard for liquidations

  3. Start by entering the liquidation title, the title is very important for the success of your auction. Try something like complete pulp and paper plant liquidation.

  4. Select up to three appropriate categories for your liquidation

  5. Determine if you would like to host a private liquidation. A private liquidation is when you (the seller) has control over who can view and buy lots on the liquidation with an invitation system, select yes or no and continue to step 2

  6. Step 2 is will allow you to specify where the liquidation will be located, so type in the address of the items to be liquidated and click on add location

  7. If your lots are located at more than one location, specify our information, and click on add location again you can put in as many locations as you like. Continue to step 3

  8. Step 3 is where you specify the Liquidation terms, you can configure these as you like continue to step 4

  9. Select a pre-built template for your liquidation, you can preview what your liquidation will look like

  10. Select whether you would like to use your company logo, or a new logo. Attach any necessary PDF files related to your liquidation; these files are not lot specific.

  11. Finish the setup wizard and your liquidation has now been created.

  12. The next step for you to take is start adding lots to your Liquidation

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