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How to bulk upload lots in a liquidation 

On most occasions a liquidation will have hundreds of items, adding them individually would be very inconvenient for you, which is why we would recommend you use the bulk upload feature.

  1. Starting from the Aucto homepage go to seller tools> manage liquidations, on the left side you will find all of your seller tools

  2. Under manage liquidations > pending liquidations you will find all of the liquidations that you have created and have not yet published

  3. Click on edit

  4. Click on add bulk lots

  5. To use this feature you will need access to an Excel or Spreadsheet program, a CSV file can be created in Microsoft Excel or Google Spreadsheets

  6. How you make a CSV file is very simple, download our Example CSV file along with the categories file and open it using Microsoft Excel and you can begin to input liquidation data into the file

    1. Lot ID aumber - You can make this any number you like, however two separate lots cannot have the same lot number

    2. The lot title is very important as this is the first thing that people will see when they view your lot

    3. Details are optional, any additional information that you would want potential buyers to know about the lot.

    4. Specify the quantity available for sale

    5. Specify the price you wish to sell for

    6. Set a fixed amount for the removal fee, to activate the pick up only feature type “p”, to activate the contact for quote feature type “q”

    7. Specify the length, width, height, and weight. The dimensions are to be in inches and pounds.

    8. Specify manufacturer and model number

    9. Open up the categories file, determine what category your asset would fall under, the number adjacent to your category is the number you will put in the CSV file

    10. Specify the shipping method

  7. Once the Excel file has been completed click on the select CSV button, and upload you excel file.

  8. When it is done uploading click on select CSV and if everything was done correctly you will see no error messages

    1. If you find an error message you can click cancel, fix the problem in the excel file and try again.

  9. Click continue and you will find all of your lots in the active lots page.

  10. Now you will upload photos in bulk for these lots

  11. Create a folder for all of the photos in this liquidation

  12. Rename the photos with the format “lotnumber_photoname.jpg”

  13. For example, if I have 3 photos for lot 100, I would name those three photos “100_1”, “100_2”

Upload your folder and if everything was done correctly you will find that every lot has received their corresponding photos

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