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How to add and manage lots in a liquidation

Aucto makes adding and managing lots in a liquidation very simple with Aucto’s inventory management system, to add and manage lots in a liquidation follow these steps:

  1. Starting from the homepage, go to seller tools and select manage liquidations.

  2. Under pending liquidations, you will see the liquidations that you have set up using the liquidation setup wizard.

  3. Click on the liquidation you wish to add lots to and you will find options to add a single lot, add bulk lots and upload photos.

  4. To upload a single lot, click on “add single lot” and enter the appropriate information into the setup wizard.

    1. Let's make the first lot, lot #100.

    2. The title is very important as this is the first thing that people will see, this should include the make and model number/name.

    3. Quantity is the number of items that you are selling.

    4. Details are optional, any additional information that you would want potential buyers to know about the lot.

    5. Lot Location, you can specify where the lot is located.

    6. Length, width, height and weight are the shipping dimensions, you must enter the dimensions in inches and weight in pounds.

    7. Specify a shipping method.

    8. Type in the brand and model.

    9. Click on add lot.

    10. You will now find options to add photos and any lot specific documents to the lot, we recommend you upload multiple high resolution photos so that buyers can make optimal purchasing decisions.

  5. Once completed you have successfully added a lot to the liquidation.

  6. To edit a lot in this liquidation, click on “edit” under the actions column on the lot you wish to edit.

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